Friday, 22 August 2014

ICAI Nagpur Bulletin

Chairman Message

Chairman messageThe great general elections of Indian democracy are over and with this election, it appears that India's electoral dynamics are changing and the country appears to be at a pivotal point of its democratic history. Shifting electoral dynamics such as the high proportion of youth voters, higher literacy, increasing voting power in urban areas and rising aspirations have resulted in a widespread demand for change, leading to the election of a stable government for the next five years. The most important and indeed landmark takeaway for me in the general election 2014 is not just the advent of the social media, but a far more fundamental development. The Indian voter has realised that democracy is not just about elections, or going from election to election, but also the period of governance between elections. With stable government in place, I am sure the much awaited economic reforms will take place and chartered accountants will play an important role in this by suggesting and assisting the new government to frame policies for overall economic growth…………………….