Job Seekers  
Members may please send their requirements
on their firm's letter head in the format  as follows
and Mail Id -
1 Name of the CA Firm  
2 Contact Person  
Address,  Contact No., Email, Website
4 Requirement  
5 Specific Remark of Requirement  


For hosting advertisement pertaining to vacancies for members, students and others the following guidelines are prepared
1) Anyone wishing to post an advertisement of vacancy for member’s students or others may do so by paying fees of Rs. 3000 /-
2) The branch will host this advertisement physically at branch premises and digitally ‘opportunities’ section of ICAI NAGPUR website.
3) The period of such advertisement will be for 15th days from the date of hosting it.
4) The acceptance of such advertisement will be at sole discretion of managing committee of NAGPUR BRANCH OF ICAI